There are plenty of Art workshops to choose from and most of the workshops are suitable for all age group and all of our workshops are personalised for private one on one or for small and huge group.

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The Art Of Soulful Journey & Self Discovery
Acrylic Pouring Art
Coffee Painting
The Art Of Visual Editing
Shadowplay (Wayang)
Abstract Art

“Art sharpens our senses and it heals” – Mekkolupo

  • The Art Of Visual Editing

The Art Of Visual editing is a Unique hands on course suitable for 10 years old and above. 

Participants will learn the visual editing techniques & tricks in finding their editing styles and originality. 

From Editing theories to understanding the workflow technicalities and editing exercises and projects.

  • Shadowplay – Wayang

Shadowgraphy & Shadow play is an ancient theatrical performance art. The shadows on the screen are produced by lights placed behind the hands or flat puppets. 

Participants will learn the making of the puppets and shaping figures using their hands and performing it. 

This activity is a great place to start for parents and child bonding or family fun time Or just for individuals. 
To complete the full Workshop participants are advised to register for 5 days sessions. In 5 days sessions you will learn step by step from the making of the puppets, making your Shadow stage setup from cardboards, learning the mechanism of wayang/ Shadowplay on understanding the light, puppet placements and performing it. 

  • The Art Of Soulful Journey & Self Discovery

Join us for this signature The Art Of Soulful Journey & Self Discovery program, a unique self improvement program to heighten your senses to get in touch with your senses, your deeper self and surroundings. 

Usually our Sessions are done in the parks and nature. However due to Covid 19 we readjust our sessions for online according to individual’s preferences.

The greatest benefit of this program is giving you a healthy outlet for expressing  yourself. Process of letting go all your feelings and fears. Complex emotions such as sadness or anger sometimes cannot be expressed with words. When you are unable to express yourself, but you desire emotional release, making art may help you to do it.

During the process of this session, you will be taking yourself on a journey of self-discovery that will help you eliminate emotional roadblocks, and learn how to communicate with yourself and others. 
To Identify your feelings are valid. We are never being too sensitive or overactive  or emotional. We are allowed to feel what we feel. They need to be felt and navigated. Feeling is knowledge method will be introduce to each participants to untap the subconcious mind.

We are made special with our very own feelings. These feelings within us are our most valuable information and knowledge about ourselves. 

Every feeling is knowledge. It’s an awakening through our senses, and we are able to manage and navigate our feelings through our senses and transform.