Feeling is knowledge

By nature, human beings are first and foremost emotional creatures. We are motivated and activated by emotions. Emotions are the drivers of our behaviours as they automatically tell us what is important or unimportant. 

Emotions are built-in instinctual responses and feelings are a mental interpretation to life events from the past. Feelings and emotions are highly intertwined and this is why they are difficult to distinguish.

We sometimes interchange these two and lump them both into the same category. But they are very different and learning about them helps us to learn about ourselves.

Feelings are subjective and unique to the individual based upon what has happened in their life. Feelings are based upon our senses. Feelings can come and go based upon the acquisition of new information which can alter our opinions and perceptions.

As much as we may try, we cannot escape our emotions. 

As a Muslim, I’m taught to seek for the truth, through out the process of life. The most amazing connection for me is when I truly discovered The Quran and how much it prepares me to manage life. I love the fact that the Quran introduces all the feelings in the whole wide world for us to understand the complexity and the simplicity of life.

The Quran could be perceive as overwhelming because it never fails to make us confront our weaknesses and constantly remind us to keep improving the necessary.

Speaking about emotions, feelings and discoveries, it took me years of hard work to fully connect the dots and arrive to this phase. Alhamdulillah I’ve discovered my potential in confronting my challenges (fears, traumas and difficulties). I found comfort in the arts and discovered methods on how to manage and navigate, my mind body and soul healing through the arts. From my personal healing journey, I’ve developed the art of “feeling is knowledge”.

I believe one can never heal and find their true potential without confronting their challenges and this is why I do what I do, I help others through my art workshops to introduce and identify their true potential. Not only to potentially grow creatively, but I also believe Art sharpens our senses and it heals.

Art has the ability to nurture our senses and it opens up and free ourselves to experiment and play. Art learning environment encourages us to cherish intuition, certainties, uncertainties, develops creativity and to constantly open our minds for new ideas and solutions.

Of course it is not easy as it sounds. It takes a full time commitment in managing our emotions, feelings and minds. Some people have harder challenges and major traumas that impacted their life with many episodes of triggers which would interupt their well being.

The impact of trauma can be subtle, insidious, or destructive. How an event affects an individual depends on many factors, including characteristics of the individual, the type and characteristics of the event(s), developmental processes, the meaning of the trauma, and sociocultural factors.

This means that every individual will not have the same behaviours and characteristics in dealing with their traumas or challenges. For some cases it requires longer and deeper process.

I believe most of us have felt some kind of anxiety in our lives prior to a test, overwhelming challenges and there is no shame in these feelings. We need to face our negative feelings and not surpressing it so that we can overcome them. 

Having an anxiety disorder is not your fault and it is not something that is easily controlled, but there are ways to manage it. I believe our feeling is knowledge. We need to identify the feeling to understand and handle the state of our mind, heart, and soul.

If you would like to go deeper you could seek further according to your own pace and your own state of mind and knowledge. Take it one step at a time and always refer every feeling as an information to you rather than allowing yourself to get too deep into the unhealthy negative feelings and can’t get out of it. 

When facing a negative feeling, each individual must be ready to identify what are the healthy negative emotions and the unhealthy negative emotions. But of course, focus fairly in both healthy and unhealthy negative emotions to identify the in between. No pain no gain and this is exactly how managing your negative feeling would be like.

Transform the feeling into knowledge for you to overcome. Just as how I love to call it, into the journey of “feeling is knowledge”.

To learn more about the art of feeling is knowledge, come join me for a signature self healing workshop “Art For Soulful Journey and Self Discovery”. I will facilitate you through meaningful steps towards self discovery.

Written in March 11th 2019, Mekkolupo : Into The journey of feeling is knowledge (First Edition) Copyright © 2019 Nik Haslinda Husain

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6 Comments on “Feeling is knowledge”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing this. It is definitely a very important topic but many of us are uncomfortable to discuss it openly.

    • Hi Lina,
      Thank you for dropping a comment. Yes you are right. In most cases many people do not see the need for healing. And many do not see that our poor judgements or actions could also contribute to the pain for others.

  2. Thank you for your writing. I am yet explore everything on your site, i am planning too..

    Hoping to have some insights for supporting people with mental illness from the survivor point of view. As we know mental illness is a spectrum itself, differs from one and another. Your point of view will definitely help many out there who are trying to provide safe spot for their loved ones who are struggling with mental health issues.

    Again, thank you for your writing, looking forward for more. May Allah bless you, amiiinnn!!!

    • Amiiin thank you for your doa and likewise the same doa back at you sister Laila amin amin amiiin.

      It is true in many cases of depression, mental health or emotional health, are all different and it needs many approach to tap and heal. I’m sure there are many other survivors out there with their very own steps towards healing.

      It so happened that this method I created worked and have helped me alhamdulillah. So far I have started sharing it and more people are learning this method and I’m hoping to share more and help more people in shaa Allah.

      One of the reasons why many are afraid to meet and consult a counsellor is because problems are private and most people are not comfortable sharing it to a stranger or even friends. This method is exactly suitable for that, self healing and self observation to heal.

      So far those who have attended my session have discovered how helpful the method is for them and so far so good, they manage to handle their triggers well.

      Thank you Laila for spending time here reading and drop a comment. I truly appreciate it 🥰 I hope to share and write more in the future in shaa Allah.

    • Hello Vineth,
      Glad to know the write up is beneficial and interest you. I will also reply to your email and maybe we can continue to communicate there. Have a good day ahead!

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